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Tired of you
Tired of you

Maybe you would like
Maybe you would like
Be something that you
Don’t want to be?
Or maybe
You want be like me?
Well let me tell you
That the only thing
You will is a ghost

You’ll be like a party
Without any host

I think it’s time
That you relise
That this is the end
Because you got problem
That you can’t defend
Now get rid
Of your pointless life
And the sidewalk too
Because I’m soo fucking
Tired of you, tired of you
Tired of you

You had the chance to prove
That you’re are not the person
We thought that you are
We, we, wrong
You are the most
Retarded person so far

Tired of you
Tired of you


Přidáno: 24. 10. 2010 - 9:18 | Kategorie: Písničky | ID: 5590

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